Debit card machine reviews: What is the best debit card machine for small businesses?

05/28/2014 13:30

2012 research data showed that the total number of credit cards in use in the U.S are valued at $1.5 billion. With rewards and cash back incentives offered by credit providers, it is no wonder that on average, 70% of the U.S holds a credit card. A credit examiner report stated that the annual purchase volume was $2.1 trillion. Given the data, small businesses are seeking efficient and low cost means of credit and debit transactions. Due to the latest innovations, credit card transactions have morphed in a various range of options. So, what is the best credit and debit card machine for small businesses?

Traditional retail counter-top processing credit, EBT, and even checks are usually the default choice. This option is ideal for on-site business transactions. These debit card machines have rapport with the market of transactions and have built a good relationship with companies. However, with technology advancing more quickly each year, these providers face the dilemma of their services becoming primitive.

With the new options for debit card machine, you can accept payment anywhere. Whether you are a plumber, hairdresser, florist or Chinese food deliverer, you can offer your customers a better payment acceptance experience. There are many options when selecting debit card machines.


  • Free device
  • Fee to customers
  • Syncs with QuickBooks
  • Payments are automatically entered into QuickBooks


  • Free reader
  • Square reports offers sales reports
  • Pay only when you sell at 2.75%
  • No monthly fee


  • 2.7% per swipe for merchant
  • Live customer service
  • 1% Cash back on signed purchases
  • Also keeps track of your cash payments

Although the above debit care machines are great, I will have to go with the Clover Station as the best. This debit card machine is a versatile product that offers good features whether you are a small or large business. It is innovative and is easy going, simple, and ready to use.

The Clover Station

  • All-in-One Hardware
  •  Point-of-Sale Software
  • App Marketplace
  • Merchant Account
  • U.S. Based Customer Support, 24/7/365

I hope that these reviews are helpful!  When choosing the right debit card machine, take into consideration your business and customer needs.