Offering gift card solutions for your business

06/12/2014 15:26

How many times have you been frustrated or given up trying to please someone with a gift that they always return to the store. Consumers feel this frustration everyday, causing them to turn to the convenience and flexibility of gift cards. Gift cards are the answer for gift giving in today's fast-paced and budget-conscience world.

Gift card programs for small businesses have proven to improve your bottom line due to the fact that nearly two-thirds of customers spend more than the value of the card. Furthermore, studies have shown that 93% of gift card recipients would rather receive a $25 gift card than a gift with a value over $50, demonstrating the increasing value of gift card solutions among customers.

Most merchant services offering gift card solutions have many styles and designs to greatly enhance your business. With proper marketing tools, your gift cards are like mini-billboards carried around in your customer's wallets. According to your budget, you can choose from standard style and design, or customize your card to maximize your competitive advantage. 

Customers view gift cards as a beneficial feature of your business that promotes goodwill, which gets generated back to your business. When someone gives your gift card, it implies an endorsement of your products and services.

With the popularity of gift cards, marketing tools have been established and research has been stepped-up to keep up with the growing market. By investing in gift card programs for small businesses, you are making the choice to build your business through one of the newest and most profitable options available today.